sometimes whoopie pies happen

this might sound very seattle circ. 1993, but i really love cute little independent coffee shops. my favorite local shop is tillie's in fort greene, brooklyn.
tillies has these giant whoopie pies that are to. die. for.

jim had a pumpkin whoopie pie waiting for me when i got off work last night.
i ate a couple bites and put the rest away to be eaten another day.
but later that same night, around 9:00 while i was watching the halloween episode of The Office, i reached for the whoopie pie and...
i finished it.


Nikki said...

a man who has a pumpkin whoopie pie waiting for you when you get off of work = keeper.

also 10 pts for seattle circa 1993 shout out! 12 year old nikki in big glasses and natures shirts (likely wolves howling at the moon) appreciates it.

Also, let me just say that i got teh cutest save the date in the mail this week........

amy said...

wow, i've never had a pumpkin whoopie pie! i want i want!

do you know they don't really *do* whoopie pies out here? i don't understand.

and yes -- cutest save the dates EVA.

Courtney said...

Stone tried to buy me a tasty frozen yogurt treat last night...but they were closed (sadface) There's always today!

Happy Halloween!

Jenni said...

What a cute photo of you...not only for that yummy whoopie pie you're holding (which is a funny name, I must admit) but that you've got your wedding ring just shining in all it's beauty. Cute!