hold me, i'm scared :(

in about an hour, a group of video game sales and marketing people will be boarding a bus bound for Mohonk Mountain House in upstate new york. please help me.

actually, the resort is freakin' gorgeous. but um, the last email i received about the trip said, "bring ROCK CLIMBING gear if you have it." waaaa?? so you know what i did? i spent 15 minutes this morning hunting down the one pair of sneakers i own (and have owned since 2006) because that's as close as i come to owning rock climbing gear.

and when i first saw that we had a solid 4 hours worked into the trip's schedule for ROCK CLIMBING i pictured a cute little indoor climbing wall. then kelley sent me this picture from the resport's photo gallery...


but yeah, i'm going to try it. that's the thing about these work retreats, you can't NOT try it because then what kind of message does that send to the bosses? that you're unwilling to try new things, work in a group, challenge yourself? BLAH!

i'll let you know how it goes.


Courtney said...

That 'caution sign' is about has sweet has the "NO DIVING" signs where the person's neck is at a seriously terrible angle.

ALSO, when I read the post title, I sang Jessie Spano's "I'm so excited. I'm so excited. I'm.So.Scared" in my head.

So kill me, I loved (love) Saved By The Bell.

Nikki said...

i super hope you dont end up that little stick figure making sprinkles into the squigglies! Blog soon so we know you're alive.

Jenni said...

How friggin' fun! I can't wait to hear about this adventure. I'm scared of heights so I know I'd have a hard time but for the fun of it would be well worth it.