yay yay yay!

today has been fabulous for the following reasons:

1. we booked a seriously awesome wedding photographer today!

when jim and i sat down to think about things that were most important to us in the wedding (notice how i said THINGS because obviously the most important part is the actual "getting married" part and of course the people who are with us when it happens), kick ass photography was way way way up at the top. we just LOVE pictures. (something at the bottom of my priority list? flowers. i couldn't care less about the damn flowers.)

2. operation "Stalk-A-Priest" has finally paid off!

jim and i may have found someone to marry us. here's hoping that he's still up for the job if/once he learns that i am pro-choice and a FIERCE supporter of gay marriage (sorry, but separate is NOT equal...haven't we been over this before, America?)

3. had a lunch of garlic chili green beans and simple baked tofu from the Whole Foods hot food bar.

also picked up a loaf of organic whole wheat bread which was like a dollar cheaper than the regular non-organic loaves of bread sold in our teeny weeny, somewhat dirty Brooklyn market.

also...tofu and gay marriage? i must be an ultra left-wing nutjob, huh? stay away from me. eeeek.

4. my waterskiing induced soreness has finally gone away and guess what? i can totally lift my arms above my head again.


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