Down with Tuesdays!

tuesdays are sort of heartbreaking aren't they? it's still totally the beginning of the week and there's no end in sight. boo boo boo.

if you're feeling the tuesday blues, i recommend a 60 second dance party. put on your iPod, crank up the volume, and dance for a good 60 seconds. it helps.

(or you can do what i did last night and skip the music and skip the dancing and just flail about until you feel better.)

flailing is good too.


Nikki said...

i especially like the 3rd one in on the top of flail sequence three, where you are 100% long armed ghost.

also, i dont understand this "come get your ham" tag. can one of your tags be "meatgun"?

Jenni said...

Flailing is soooo good. I often turn up my music in my house very loud and flail around dancing to my favorite beats. Those photos are great though!

amy said...

woh! cutey mccuterson. how'd you take those?

mic said...

took them with the QuadCamera app on iPhone. (i'm OBSESSED!)

sarah said...

so freaking awesome. its the south african in you :p

and YES!! you can totally go diving under the ice! i am most definitely going back in winter!