date night

last night was AWESOME. why, you ask? because jim and i took Curley, our most favorite Zipcar, to CHILI'S!

(if you're not familiar with my deep love for chili's, you can read about it here.)

sadly, there are no chili's in manhattan or brooklyn, so we drove allllll the way out to queens. to a mall in queens, actually. a mall! remember those? there was even a parking garage. the whole thing was quite amusing, really.

when we sat down i ordered a glass of wine (yes, i ordered wine. at a chili's.) and do you know what the waitress brought me?

she brought me two glasses of wine! she said it was 2-for-1 night. i wondered why she brought both glasses at once for about 1 second and then i just started drinking. (two glasses! i love chili's!)

as you can probably tell...

jim was psyched to be driving to a mall in queens to eat at a chain restaurant.

(actually he's the one who booked the car and found the chili's location online. he must love me a whole lot.)

so now i've had my chili's fix and i should be good for awhile.

i can't promise that there aren't trips to Friendly's in my future though.


CH said...

LOL he looks pumped!!! I totally remember those tiles on the table... it just brought back memories of turkey burgers, raspberry iced tea, and you know, the occasional PARADISE PIE. Tell me you remember the paradise pie...

Amy Cowan said...

RASPBERRY ICED TEA, YESSSSSSSSSSSS. it's a special kind there, i can never find anywhere else. NUMZ.

we spent so much time there, ladies. wow.

what do you get now, mic?

please don't tell me something from the "guiltless" list or i'll be semi-disappointed.

mic said...

no point in going to chilis if you're going to order of the guiltless grill! i get the fajitas and they're amazing. someone told me that the fajitas don't come out all smokey and sizzling because they're hot, but because they cooks sprinkle some weird chemical on them to make them do it. not sure if that's true. :(

mic said...

oh, wait. in high school i think i used to order of the guiltless grill and then substitute the steamed veggies for french fries. muahahahaa. didn't feel guilty about it either!

Amy Cowan said...

ohhhhhhhh i love chili's fajitas!! i could eat about 12 of those right now.

(i'm erasing that smoking chemicals thing from my mind stat. lalalalallala *fingers in ears*)

Jenni said...

OMG! I think this is so strange because last Thursday I also had dinner at Chilis! I love this place.

Wow, millions of miles apart but so close. We rock!