i want my baby back, baby back, baby back...

Did you know that I love Chili’s? It’s true. I LOVE Chili’s.

Right now you’re wondering…

Dude, what’s this chick's deal with Chili’s?

CHILI'S IS DELICIOUS. Also, we don’t have a Chili’s here in New York City (the airport's Chili's To Go doesn't count) so I get very excited whenever I have a chance to “pepper in some fun.”

But, umm…you live in NYC surrounded by an endless selection of amazing restaurants. Why don’t you get a Zagat guide and start going to real restaurants?

Ahhh, the haters!

To you who hate on me and my love for this amazing chain restaurant I can only say, I KNOW. I know that Chili’s is pretty much fast food. And yes, I have a Zagat guide. Trying new and independent restaurants is maybe my most favorite thing to do. But I also love Chili’s. There’s room in this world for all kinds of restaurants, don’t you think?

I preach restaurant diversity acceptance.

Of course I had to find a way to fit a little Chili’s action into my weekend in Charlottesville.

My boyfriend is so cute! He surprised me with a gift card so he can treat me to Chili’s the next time I go and he’s not with me.

Thank goodness I'm not dating a Chili's hater!


n-mukai said...

your bangs are absolutely perfect! i want to claw your face (in the good way).

Amy Cowan said...

you cannot grow up with nashua as your go-to destination without loving chili's.

i could eat almost anything off that menu, yo. and the booths! and the raspberry iced tea! hea-ven-ly.

Morgan said...

agreed. chili's is definitely under rated!
cute blog!

Kimberly Julie said...

1- i worked at chili's back in high school! their chicken caesar pita is AMAZING!

2- i've been to charlottesville before! loved it! (until i got a little sick from the excessive partying... whoops!)

3- and i loooove your header image... i have a peacock tattoo though, so i'm kinda partial. ;)

Amanda said...

went to chili's with my friend kimberly and nearly passed out laughing when she said "i've never been to chili's"

Bridget said...

you really do eat a lot, huh? awesome. we should totes be friends.