hugs are good

the downtown mall in charlottesville, virginia is super cute.

it's just a quaint little street lined with funky shops and restaurants.

jim and i walked up and down the mall on friday night. i pointed and yelled, "let's go here for dinner!" every time we passed a restaurant. which was about every five seconds. but i couldn't help it because there were so many amazing places. also, i was getting pretty hungry.

we finally settled on enoteca, a wine and panini bar with an adorable outdoor patio. (i had the best panini i have ever tasted here, and i'm totally mad at myself for leaving half the sandwich in the hotel fridge.)

anyway! you might already recognize the c'ville downtown mall as just one of the many spots where judah friedlander runs around hugging people in the dave matthews band video, "everyday."

i can't embed the video, but you should go watch it here. (in case you haven't seen the video in a while, i should remind you that it's so sweet it might make your heart explode.)


n-mukai said...

oh wow - sun! i dont recognize it. i'm shrouded in new england grayness.

Bryan said...

Adorable! Glad you had a fun weekend! Also, you dress from the posting yesterday is so cute! Miss ya!!!