vote for amy!

my friend amy (affectionately know to her sigma kappa sisters as "copey") was a photography major at Purdue. i liked shopping for school supplies with her at the beginning of a new semester because while most of our friends were buying graph paper and other engineering/whatmostpeoplemajorinatpurdue related things, we were buying beat up used books from the hippy-dippy shop on campus (me) and crazy expensive film and paper and fun photography stuff (her). us liberal arts kids are so KOOKIE!

anyway! amy is now an amazingly talented professional photographer specializing in kids and families. You can find her studio website and blog here.

i dare you not to ooh and aww over the cuteness you will find on her sites. DOUBLE DARE YOU!

ok, so yes, i have a favor to ask of you. amy is a finalist for "people's choice" in the Flare national photography competition. there's just 4 days left to vote and she is so so sooooooo so so close to winning! check out amy's entry, "Daddy's Break from Deployment" here and vote for her entry (entry #1) on the right hand side.

thank you!

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Jim said...

Good thing she's the top option. That's honestly about half the trick, being the first thing to catch a voter's eye.