i've been engaged for one whole week!

and this is how i spent my time...

showing off my ring

everywhere i went (even the bathroom)

no matter what i was doing (even blowing my nose!)

this picture is blurry, but i like how the empire state building is all lit up over my left shoulder (next to the index finger).

OK, so i'm not THAT obnoxious. these pics were all taken the night we got engaged. i promise i have only been waving my ring about in the privacy of our home.

i have spent the last week staring at my left hand however. i love my ring! it used to belong to jim's paternal grandmother, and i love that it has a lot of sentimental value for his family. i also adore vintage stuff so it's perfect for me!

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Kelley said...

You have been raising your hand to ask questions and give your opinion on things a lot more frequently. :)