pretty things i will not buy

the funny thing about planning a wedding is that everyone just starts talking about things costing THOUSANDS of dollars and it's all OK for some reason. hilarious.

so as you can imagine, i'm in serious saving mode over here. but it's hard, y'all! look at all these things that i'm finding it very hard to live without.

hayden-harnett wyeth tote

just think of all the diet coke cans i could have rolling around the bottom of this bag! sigh.

also, i am loving this Longchamp travel bag.

adorable, right? i vow never to complain about business trips and 6am flights ever again if i can just have this bag! just think how cute it will look tucked under the airline seat in front of me. sigh.

and whoa, baby. have you heard of the new Verizon MiFi?

it's basically a little EVDO modem that fits in your pocket so you have WiFi wherever you go. i want to be a walking hotspot! sigh.

the thing is that even if i wasn't planning a wedding, i probably still wouldn't spend over $500 on a hayden harnett bag or over $300 on a canvas Longchamp bag (it actually mystifies me why people spend a lot of money on any Longchamp bag that's not leather, i don't see the point). but now that i know i CAN'T buy these things, i really want them. it's like when i declare myself on a diet and then 10 minutes later i'm inhaling an entire chocolate cake...just call me Michaela "No Self Control" Morris.


Jenni said...

Oh, I feel your pain. My job just cut us down to 4-day work weeks which doesn't seem like much but I already feel the money itch. I want (and in my mind need) so many things, like purses and shoes and summer clothes, and that Verizon MiFi (so awesome!) but just can justify the spending. I have no self control though, especially when it comes to tempting things such as those beautiful purses. Ugh, help me!

PiggywantsManolos said...

OMG! I can soooo relate! The same reason I just bought another pair of shoes (I'm saving haha) and drinking Mt. Dew...(I'm supposed to be drinking water)

PS...I LOVE your do you pronounce it? Mine is pronounced Mish-I-A-la
--Michaela "of course I need those shoes" Brown

Kimberly Julie said...

I have a medium Longchamp tote and I absolutely adore it. It wasn't $300+ though. And I'm quitting my job in exactly two months, yet I just *had* to buy some totally impractical yet totally gorgeous shoes this week.
-Kim "recession illiterate" Newton

Amanda said...

If I hadn't gotten unexpectedly paid from my student job today, I wouldn't be able to cut my rent check this month but I'm strongly considering buying myself dinner tonight.
-Amanda "Overdraft Shmoverdraft" Powell

mic said...

kim -- i totally know what longchamp bag you're talking about and those are super cute, all purpose bags. i just can't do $300 on a bag i'll use a couple times a month. boo.