weekend trip

this weekend, jim and i went to beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia to see Dave Matthews Band play in their hometown.

it was such a fantastic little getaway for us. the weather was gorgeous, we ate lots of yummy food, we tasted some delicious wines, we drove along side mountains in an adorable hybrid car, and we heard some great music.

what more can a girl ask for?


Amy Cowan said...

three cheers for road trips! so glad we did it for our honeymoon and thinking of doing another one this summer. i get to hold clay hostage and talk for many many hours and he can't run away.

btw, i heart dmb. so enjoyable live.

also, your hair looks movie star fab.

Lindsey said...

I had a friend with a house in C-ville. And I am so in love with DMB, or at least I was in HS. You are one lucky girl.