My my, doesn't someone look pretty today

On a scale of 1 to Love, how much do you love my new blog header? LOVE, right? I thought so.

Because I failed miserably at many [half-assed] attempts to create my own blog header, I asked Megan of Knuckleheaders to beautify my blog for me.

She did a kick ass job of creating something that’s totally ME which is awesome and also kinda crazy considering I emailed her and said, “ummmm… I really like the color yellow and I live in Brooklyn and I like old crap” and that’s it.

So yay! If you’re looking to pretty up your blog, I recommend Megan! Check out her website here.


Amy Cowan said...


love love it.

n-mukai said...

Loves it! It looks like MEAT GUN to me. That's a compliment.

meg said...

An awfully nice complement. Thanks for being a pleasure to work with! (And for letting me make something I actually like. Not an everyday occurrence.)