but daddy, i want it now

i am on the hunt for a cute vintage cake stand.

i very nearly won this one on ebay today.

i waited until there was just one minute left in the auction to place my bid, and when i clicked "confirm bid" all my internet browsers froze. by the time i could ctr/alt/del and launch another browser, the auction was over. the winning bid was just $11 too. i'm crying serious first world tears over here.

here are a couple more i have my eye on.

i actually collect milk glass. i especially love bowls and vases with hobnail patterns. so you'd think i'd definitely go for the cake stand above, but i don't know. i'm still pining for that damn amber colored cake stand i lost on ebay. stupid computer.

green. meh.

i've been stalking ebay and etsy for finds so far. if you can recommend another site or store, i'd love to hear it!

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Amy Cowan said...

Oh, the amber one is my favorite, too! Doh. It's very cake-at-my-gram's-house.

I used to bid on things at work and when stuff froze or I lost by a little, I'd let out strangled cries of desperation. I think they thought I was watching porn.