f'ing adorable

one of my favorite bloggers started selling her homemade headbands today on the best website in the entire world, etsy.com.

assuming (correctly!) that her inventory would sell out quickly, i woke up this morning and immediately ran to the computer to buy myself a birthday present.

and because i love looking like an indian princess, i bought the Pocahontas headband.

adorable, right? i love love love headbands worn over the forehead. so cute.

most of her stuff is gone, but i'm sure Taza will replenish her store just as fast as she can make those headbands. check etsy or Rockstar Diaries for updates.


Bryan said...

Happy Birthday! Heart you, your blog and SOMF'ing.

n-mukai said...

THAT IS SO CUTE! Happy groundhog birthday!

Kelley said...

So f'ing cute. I can't wait to see you rock it.