chips on the bus

my friend bryan sent me a text message on tuesday that said, "update your blog, gurl!!!" so i am. hi bryan! this post is going to be all about you.

here is a picture of bryan feeding a giraffe (does anyone else have to double check the spelling of "giraffe" every time they use the word?) in a giraffe (sp?) sanctuary outside of Nairobi, Kenya.

one of my favorite things about bryan is that he loves to travel. together we have been to bangkok, phuket, kenya, zanzibar, london (for a weekend!), san francisco, some weird cottage in galena (not sure if that's illinois or wisconsin), and probably more places that i can't remember right now.

here are some pics of the kenya crew looking for hippos above and below the water.

another thing that i love about bryan is that he adores anna nicole smith (RIP).

and one time he made a sales call to bobby trendy (so luxurious!).

another awesome thing about bryan is that he loves true stories like this one: last night i was riding home on the subway and a 6'5" 250 pound black woman fell on top of me. she was super apologetic about it, she said, "guuurrrrl, i am so sorry. i bet you didn't think a 6'5" 250 pound black woman would fall on top of you today". and it's true, i was not expecting that.

i miss you, bryan! let's go to karyn's cooked soon!

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