early birthday present

jim gave me with this t shirt as an early birthday present last night:

i get to wear Hugh Laurie's face on my boobs! awesome, right? i'm psyched to wear this bad boy with an oversized cardigan and leggings. it will probably become my new weekend wardrobe.

in other my-boyfriend-rocks news, jim stayed up till 2 doing all our laundry last night while i slept soundly under our marshmallow blanket. i woke up to piles of clean towels and undies and leggings and socks and it was amazing because our clothing situation was getting pretty desperate. yesterday i ran out of clean bras and wore a bikini top instead. half my friends are shocked right now that i even bothered but yeah, i wear undergarments now. i'm becoming quite the lady in my old age.


amy said...

i ADORE that shirt!!!

WHERE did jim get it????

Sharon said...

that is so freaking amazing i can't even handle it. your boyf rules.

Sharon said...

i meant the t-shirt, but the laundry story kicks ass as well.