i admit it...

it wasn't until very recently that i realized the personal ads on theonion.com are real personal ads and not short jokes thrown in to take up space on the page.

this is embarrassing because i've been reading the onion for a long time. and for a long time i've noticed the pictures of young men and women and read the little tidbits beside them...they're all pretty much the same, they read like this:

**picture of a cute 20-something** ladydisdain
"I'm a geek. A girl geek. I like the funny. If you can make me laugh and call me a pretty, pretty princess, I'm yours."

**picture of a cute 20-something" CheekyMinx1
Why you should get to know me: "I'm a social party animal but like nothing better than watching Eastenders."

...and after reading these things, i'd giggle and think, "that's amusing", but then..."no, i don't get why that's funny".

i get it now.

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amy said...

i worked with a girl (so did you, sharon) who met multiple guys on the onion dot com - she totally treated it as her own personal eharmony. it was spooky.