have you ever tried water? have you ever heard of ebay?

when my friend caroline and i worked together we used to order cases (CASES) of diet soda through Pea Pod (maybe the best invention ever) and have them delivered to our office. when the delivery man showed up with stacks of diet coke wheeled in on a dolly most people assumed he was there to refill the vending machine. but no. he was our aspartame dealer and the soda was all ours. unless you were one of those bitches that thought you could TAKE MY SODA FROM THE FRIDGE. but anyway...

a couple years ago caroline, who used to down about 10 cans of diet cherry coke a day, abruptly swore off caffeine and switched to water. i still remember the day she sat down at her desk, chugged a bottle of the clear stuff and said (more quietly to herself than anyone else), "that was really good". and then she asked (really loudly so everyone within a ten desk radius could hear), "have you guys ever tried water?"

more recently caroline emailed me to ask if i had ever heard of ebay? and although i had heard of ebay, i had to admit that i had never taken the time to fully search the site.

all that's changed now. you're looking at (?) a self proclaimed ebay junkie. and this junkie is proud to say that she has beaten out the other bitches who were bidding on this delicious 80's sweater dress:

i'm going to wear it with tights and my new frye boots (generously given to me from amy who had actually purchased them on ebay. thanks, amy!)

anyway, the dress is from a great ebay store called Persephone Vintage which i totally encourage you (if you're a woman) to check out. lots of goodies.

so yeah. that's all. just wanted to let you know i'm into ebay now. i've also been know to throw back an 8oz glass of water on occassion. sigh...so many changes over the years...

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Amy Cowan said...

i demand a pic of dress + boots together.