ohhhh, ME

I haven’t updated in a while and yeek! I had no idea how rowdy my fans could get! Anyway it’s not that I don’t love you, it’s just that I’ve been pretty boring lately. And although I personally love being boring, it’s not a state of being that generates lots of great blog posts. But, yeah. Fans. Rowdy. So here’s what’s going on with me:

1. My face is all blemishy, blotchy, and heady. not sure why my face has broken out so badly but it’s wicked cute.

2. There’s a married man at work who is stalking me. he’s probably reading this…HI MIKE!!

3. I have yet to be an instant winner in Subway Scrabble. Giving it all I’ve got.

4. While trying to calculate the calories in an entire bag of double chocolate chip peanut butter cookies the other day, I realized I have forgotten my multiplication tables. The 8’s anyway. And the 4’s.

5. Matt and I are taking a Bikram yoga class on Friday. It will be my first time working out in…ohh…3 months? There was that one time I went to the gym to shower…Not sure that counts as “working out”, but in my own defense, I was "at the gym"

6. Sprinted three blocks to the subway in a biblical downpour yesterday. Realized that my breasts were extremely visible through my soaking wet shirt to everyone waiting for the N train about 15 minutes too late.


mm said...

now i can stop being rowdy

Amy Cowan said...

you're back!! i'll stop now, too.