disco at my desk

i just developed itunes phobia. which i think is similar to the facebook phobia sharon recently wrote about for the boston phoenix. but you know...all music-y.

after learning that not only was it not discouraged to install itunes on my work computer but pretty much required of me to do so, i was thrilled. i clicked those "next" and "i agree" buttons at the speed of something...fast.

and then i started going through co-workers' shared libraries. and yes. i started judging all their music. which of course means i was judging my co-workers for and by their taste in music. which was a blast, really...as judging others often is. and i can't think of a better way to kill an hour on a slow afternoon than by sipping chocolate flavored laxative tea and yelling, "HA! Blake listens to lots of EMOOOOO", can you? i was having a grand old time until i realized that my co-workers could (and probably would) be doing the same thing to me as soon as i started downloading all my 70's singer/songwriter crap. 70's stuff and er...spice girls. and shakira. and morrissey.

but what can i do? NOT download lots of harry chapin? i'm sorry, but that's obviously going to happen.

and really...why should i be embarrassed about my music when now you all know i drink tea that helps me poop?

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