when the Parisian big wigs at HQ told my boss and me to pack it up, pack it in (let me begin/i came to win/battle me that's a sin) and report for duty in the Manhattan studio, do you know what the first thing to cross my mind was?


and really...this is a very normal reaction to have for someone who had been exiled to the Midwest...a flat and overly religious place where no friendly's dared to franchise...for 8 long years.

but you know what? there are no friendly's in new york! at least not in the city. so no fribbles for me. no *sniff* cone head sundaes.

and so. i am forced to fall back on Carvel, another yummy ice cream shop that hardly exists in the heartland.

if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with, right?

i'm trying to be optimistic. i'm trying to get excited about all the cookie puss fun in my future.

and this is an excellent way to start...

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Amy Maloof said...

jesus god do i love friendly's. happy ending sundaes! (which now sound strangely tainted with thai massage undertones) and blackberry ice cream and coffee fribbles and girch plus t! and those booths and those shiny extra-long menus. siiiiigh.

i don't have those OR dunkin donuts. it's killing me slowly.