the roommate seekers on craigslist can be very particular.

i understand those people who are looking for a roommate that's "employed, a non-smoker, respectful". i don't understand those people who advertise a room in their apartment and then request that you "aren't home on weekends" or that you "never cook" or "don't watch a lot of TV".

so you're telling me that if i give you $800 a month for a 10 X 10 room, you'll see to it that i feel awkward and weird for actually living there? awesome. sign me up.

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Amy Maloof said...

omg i know about these posts! the hell? if they were like "you can live here for 100 bucks, but cook elsewhere" then...okay? but i remember there being so many saying "prefer if you have a job with lots of travel."

well OBVIOUSLY you'd prefer that, but you can't SAY it, you jackass.