dj mimo mixes it up

I’m big into “reinvention”. Is that a word? Anyway, I’m big into it. I don’t like to look or feel the same way for too long…I hate the “same old, same old” that trips you up and makes you fall flat into a dirty rut. Ugg. Boring.

I don’t think I have to worry about ruts anytime soon though because changes …they are a comin’. What with a new apartment in the Big Apple, freshly dyed hair (back to black!), and the absence of nose ring (nose ring + black hair = goth so it had to go), I’m like a totally new person. Actually…I look just like the old me before I highlighted my hair and pierced my nose two years ago. So it’s like a new, old me.

Big changes make me feel all weird and anxious inside…it’s electric and exciting and I love it but at the same time, it makes me feel like I have to poop ALL THE TIME. Does that happen to anyone else?

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