game developers conference

i spent monday and tuesday of this week at the game developers conference in san francisco. it was over 50 degrees there, maybe even 60, can you believe that? i forgot the world could be so warm!

i know three people who live in san francisco, but sadly, they were all out of town. and so the best part of my trip? room service, baby! who doesn't love a $10 plate of fries eaten in front of a $14 in-room movie? Nanny Diaries, in case you're wondering. not porn.

also in case you're wondering...both of those silver platters were for me.


bluejeanamy said...


i can't beLIEVE i missed you! such bad timing. booo! come back come back!

speaking of room service, i'm waiting for mine right now. in my soft robe. in a ridiculous hotel by the ocean. i'll miss this nonsense when i quit this dumb ass job. :)

Anonymous said...

you sure are neat.