we cooked

Feeling unusually ambitious for a weekend evening, Ollie and I hit up Whole Foods to get all the necessary ingredients for homemade, no cheat, ravioli.

we bought the eggs, oil, semolina flour, cheese, and spinach and headed back to his place to start making something yummy. we soon realized that ollie's pad does not come equipped with a rolling pin, but no worries, we had an extra bottle of wine that seemed to serve the same purpose when flour-ed up.

everything seemed to be going well in the beginning. actually...the whole thing seemed pretty easy at first. but then the dough started falling apart. and forgive me, but isn't it supposed to stick together? and how in the world did ALL THAT dough only make 6 raviolis? and when the raviolis float to the top of the boiling water doesn't that mean they're done? Then why did we need a knife to cut into them?

I have so many questions.

this is ollie doing all the work

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