Happy New Year

At first glance 2007 seemed like a pretty blah year. I mean… I drank lots of diet coke and coffee in 2007. But that’s not so news worthy. I am also personally responsible for the spike in Forever 21 profits this past year. But again…not very interesting. But when I think about it…like REALLY think about it, 2007 was a pretty big year for me. and even though I am predisposed to dislike odd years, 2007 has left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Between my legs. Kidding. In my heart. Awwww.

In 2006 I threw a kick ass birthday party for myself. In 2007 my roommate threw one for me as a surprise! I remember doing the dishes in the kitchen sink when the back door to our apartment opened and jillian was pushing HUGE boxes of wine and wine glasses in front of her. She decorated…she even special ordered a vegan carrot cake. Keep in mind she did all of this for me despite the fact that my eating disorder made me the world’s worst roommate right about this time. Like seriously...living in a hole with saddam hussein would have been cooler.

I took the annual February trip to Boston in 07. This time Caroline and I hit up the Wine Expo and woah baby. Let’s just say that by the end of the day the Cape Cod Potato Chip representative had to pick me up off the floor and feed me chips! And yes, this was a day time event.

March came around and I was heavily medicated with Prozac. My ed was somewhat under control, but god good was I tired. I think I pretty much slept the whole month of March.

In April I befriended Diet Coke Plus. Because you know, it’s healthy! despite the caffeine, I was still tried. I think I also slept most of April.

I learned about cicades in May. People told me I needed an umbrella or parasol or sombrero or something because these cockroach-like bugs would be falling from the trees and into my pretty hair. I never saw one though. Probably because I was sleeping all the time.

In June, Jillian and I ditched the UK Village and found a new apartment in West Town. WITH a washer and dryer. It’s been 7 months since I’ve lived in this apartment and the washer/dryer thing still thrills me.

In July I learned that I’m a carnie! Caroline and I took a trapeze class in Lake Forest and apparently, I’m a natural. Go figure. Oh and I finally say a cicada in the burbs. Actually, I sat on the cicada’s face all the way from the burbs to downtown chicgao. I thought the rental car was making a funny noise, but apparently I was getting sexual with a bug. Hot.

You know how I keep saying I won’t get another tattoo? Well, I got another one in September. Stop judging me.

I went to San Francisco in Oct to rub elbows with Ewoks and say hello to Amy and Jamie. I love that those two live in the same city. Mostly because I can say, “I went to visit Amy and Jamie” and it rhymes and how cute is that?

Also in October, I took myself off Prozac. It was probably a very bad idea to go from the dose I was on to nothing all at once. Well...not probably...it was a bad idea. There was a three week period somewhere in there where I was pretty darn insane. There were lots of tears. A couple spats. One huge blow out that I'd like to forget, and then...I woke up one morning and felt better. And awake! Imagine that.

I start to recap November and I realize that more exciting stuff happened to me in this one little month than in the whole of 2007. Amy, Caroline, Bryan and I went to Africa over Thanksgiving which was hands down the very best vacation I have ever taken. We flew to Nairobi and went on a Safari before heading down to Zanzibar for major R & R. The whole trip was fabulous. Very bourgoie.

Also in November, I left Mintel after 3 great years and took a job as an Account Manager for a leading developer and publisher of mobile games. I’m still soaking everything in, but so far, so great!

And if Africa and a new job weren’t enough, I met someone in November who is so fantastic in every way that sometimes, it hurts to breathe when he looks at me.

December was cool. I got the complete series of Northern Exposure and a new Star Wars t-shirt so it was a successful Christmas.

Can you tell I got a little lazy with writing in the end there? This post is boring me. OMG. Did you hear that? MY LIFE is boring me. ha.

Happy 2008, everyone!

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