in an attempt to shut me up this morning, my boss gave me his old starbucks gift card with a remaining balance of $2.12. i gleefully took the card and skipped downstairs to get a grande sugar-free gingerbread soy steamer. sadly, the line was out the door and i was feeling chilly and impatient so i turned right around to go back upstairs. on the elevator, i ran into my ex. awesome.

a normal person would have smiled, said hello to the ex and kept on going. i am not normal. as soon as i realized that he was existing in such a small vicinity of my own body, i simply turned my nose up and ignored, ignored, ignored. immature? maybe. but i’m sorry…i just don’t think I should have to acknowledge the existence of a person who ripped my soul out and then puked on it. and then stepped in it.

i told my boss what happened. he thinks i’m a baby. i think i’m justified. your thoughts?

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