Wednesday, May 09, 2007

In between work emails, phone calls, and data application projects, I like to read articles linked to the MSN homepage.

Here's one that literally made me laugh out loud. Please read on and then discuss.


By Victoria Wesseler
Lifestyle, Gardening, and Culinary Writer.

It's been said that two can live as cheaply as one. Maybe so. But when it comes to the courtship process, few things are free, or for that matter even reasonably priced. You can easily spend $150.00 on a cozy dinner for two, and even going to the movies can set you back nearly $50.00. But if you have $25.00 and a little imagination, you can create a memorable date for you and your man. Here are a dozen cost-effective date ideas to consider:

Go star gazing: There are plenty of online services where you can register a star in your sweetie's name. But why not give him a whole constellation? Do a bit of research and select a constellation that fits his personality. (Just be careful about which constellation you choose. No guy wants to be immortalized with the Little Dipper.) Then get creative on your computer and design an official-looking "certificate of ownership." Take him star gazing one evening, spread out a blanket, pop open a bottle of sparkling wine, show him his constellation, and present him with the framed certificate.

Spend a night by the fire: No fireplace? No problem! On the Video Naturals website (, you can purchase a DVD or video of a crackling fire. Make some popcorn and curl up under a blanket for the evening. Singing campfire songs is optional.

Write your own love story: Purchase two blank-page journals, some colored pens or pencils, and spend the evening writing each other a story titled "What I Like About You," complete with your own hand-drawn illustrations. Then read the stories aloud to each other.

Get crafty: Head for the craft department of your favorite discount store. Choose a small craft kit that can be worked on together and completed in one evening, such as beaded jewelry, paint by numbers, origami, or a car model. Spend the night crafting away.

Play in the dark: Each of you gets to choose your favorite board game to play for the evening. For atmosphere, light the game room with candles.
Relive your childhood: Go to the library together and check out books with your favorite fairy tales in them. Then it's off to the grocery store to buy your favorite childhood packaged cookies and some ingredients to make hot cocoa. Snuggle up on the sofa with each other while you sip hot cocoa, munch cookies, and read the stories aloud to each other.

Go for a walk: And to keep your hands warm while you wander, buy a smitten mitten ( It is an adorable heart-shaped mitten with two cuffs, which allows you and your honey to hold hands inside the giant mitten. As a surprise, tuck a few chocolate kisses into the mitten to nibble on as you stroll through the park.
Take a class: Libraries and community organizations often offer reasonably priced one-evening classes with fun and unusual topics, such as "how to give your cat a massage." Hey, if the relationship doesn't work out, at least your cat will be happy!

Relinquish the remote: Flip a coin to see who gets sole custody of the remote control for the entire evening. Loser (no whining allowed) makes and serves the winner snacks and beverages while the winner enjoys uninterrupted, all-night access to his or her favorite programming.

Eat finger foods: Buy a fried chicken carry-out dinner complete with chicken fingers, a variety of dipping sauces, mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, and pudding for dessert. The following rules apply: You have to eat all the food with your fingers, no utensils allowed, and you have to feed the other person—you cannot feed yourself. You might want to think about using a plastic tablecloth!

These ideas ought to get your own creative thoughts rolling along. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the chicken drive-through!


OK, OK, OK, my boyfriend is one hell of a guy. He waits for me to try on three different outfits before going to a BBQ, he lets me pick the occasional flick, he's up for walks and bike rides and book signings sponsored by PETA. That said, I can safely assume that he would rather dislike the idea of an evening spent writing love stories about how fab our relationship is or staring at a fake fire on the television while holding hands inside a mitten made for two.

I'm not trying to be a brat here…if you can only afford a $25 date that's totally fine. Just do something that's not 100% lame. I'm going to think up some un-lame ideas for cheap dates so stalk my blog soon. Your wallet (and your man/woman) will thank me.

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