rainy day woman

so who wants to know about my camping adventure? because i'll tell you...it was AWFUL. all mud and worms and canoes and hard ground and rain. endless, inescapable rain.

the rain started during our 5 hour canoe trip. FIVE hours. i had to change my tampon in the woods twice and then i got rained on. awesome. usually when i'm stressed out i sleep because that's what i do best. so after downing a bottle of pinot grigo, i let Brian take over paddling so i could sprwal out on the canoe (comfy!) and sleep.

the rain followed us back to the campsite. we obviously couldn't cook dinner, so i grabbed a handful of dairy free Fig Newmans and ran to the tent. those newmans along with a multivitamin and 40 mg of Prozac were my dinner. and let me tell you...that combination causes major heartburn. now say it like Posh Spice, "MAJOR". i just thought you should know that in case you're ever contemplating a similar meal.

the rain followed me back to Chicago. my beautiful city...full of tall buildings and restaurants and Hiltons and Nordstroms, and flushing toilets and people who know better than to say, "we done got that thar trailer down in Lousiville. where'd ya get yours at?". i love chicago despite the rain. but the rain followed me home. and by that i mean the rain actually came pouring down through my apartment roof and on to the mud room floor.

the rain followed me to breakfast this morning. I was sitting at Earwax Cafe enjoying a sweet spice seitan sandwich (yes i ordered it for breakfast) and i felt a drip...drip...drip on my head. chinese water tourture? no, god just decided to dump some more rain on my head. while i'm eating. indoors. thanks, dude.

but whateva. I'm just thrilled to be home, showered, and changing tampons from the comfort of my own bathroom.

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