the great outdoors

so i'll be leaving to go camping soon. yes. camping. and i know this is last minute, but i just realized that i don't really own any camp-worthy apparel.

i don't own shorts. or pants. i think i've been wearing leggings with t-shirts and babydoll dresses for over a year now. can i wear a dress camping?

i don't own sneakers. well...i do own one pair, but they're for running. and they're all nice and white and clean so i don't feel good about walking through muck and dirt in them. or running in them for that matter. and besides, they're under my desk at work.

i don't own socks. and i think i need socks for this trip. while in Cincy this week i decided to break in my new MaxMara's and i now have two gigantic blisters on the sides of my feet. of course i popped them because that's what i do. so now i'm afraid of getting germy germs all up in there while enjoying "the great outdoors".

i don't own a hoodie that i don't care about getting dirty.

i don't own a sleeping bag. my boyfriend is going to bring me one. i hope he knows that if he didn't wash it, i'm not sleeping in it. i'm not trying to be bratty about this, but i'm pretty sure i remember a story about one of this friends puking in a sleeping bag after binge drinking for two days straight, and i'm just not up for sleeping in puke remnants.

so here i am. all ready to go to whole foods to pick up the ingredients for vegan smores. i'm dressed in jeans, a black tee, a pucci scarf wrapped around my head a la nicole ritchie, sparkly madden slip flops, and as many gold bangles i could fit up my arm as possible. i look hot. and i look about ready to conquer the great indoors.

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