morning rant

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

i think i'm a fairly nice person. my 2007 resolution was to be less nice, but regardless, i still think you can get more of what you want with kindness than bitchiness. that said, if someone wants me to do something, that person should know that i respond well to kindness. i respond quite poorly to bitchiness, attempted guilt trips, and manipulation.

my entire life my parents have given me things only to hold them over my head later when it suited them. for example, "michaela, i think you should spend your last 4 weeks of summer picking cotton under the intensley hot South Carolina sun. after all...we did send you to south africa for a semester. i sure wish i could have explored a new country for a whole 6 months. by the're looking a little thick around the middle these days."

ahh parents. they have a lovely way of making you feel like crap, yes? i kind of expect it from them. i don't expect it from friends.

and that's my early morning vent.

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