goodbye childhood!

while i was home over the christmas break, i rescued a few things from my childhood which were doomed for storage in a cold new england attic--or worse!

usually i am all for throwing things out. i love nothing more than to donate clothes, recycle magazines, and just generally rid our apartment of anything non-essential at all costs. my dream is to live in a hotel room--i want a bed, a TV, a nice bathroom, a place to stash my clothes, and a closet for all my shoes. that's it! no nicknacks please!

but look at this stuff!

surely i couldn't get rid of my sorority paddle? i mean, all the sisters in the house signed it the year i pledged. surely i could not get rid of my gymnastics coat? i remember that when my dad surprised me with it [in 1988, 1989?], i looked at the name on the sleeve and honest-to-god thought there must be another michaela, because there was no way i could be gifted with something so cool. and let's not even speak of getting rid of my girl scout sash--i need that just to prove to people that i've been in the woods and done crafts and stuff.

so yeah, i rescued it all from storage in new england so it could live in storage in chicago. but that's okay! i usually feel better getting rid of stuff, but this time i felt better keeping it.


Jim said...

The ponies, sadly, did not survive.

by r. said...

i'm so exactly the same way! I love getting rid of stuff! i did feel kind of badly when i was a kid and decided all my stuffed animals needed to go...but other than that, throw it out i say! and yes, living in a hotel would be dreamy. :)

Meghan said...

Oh my gosh! My Little Ponies! I die!

I still have my sorority paddle, too:)