a so-chicago saturday

this past saturday was one of those perfect fall days -- sunny and cool but not too cool, great for walking around the city and/or loading up on mounds of bread and cheese.

i met up with some friends from work (i sort of hate that i clarified the friend part with "from work" because that makes it sound like they're different from other friends, and really they're not, so i'm just going to call them friends from now on -- cool?) for a little deep dish action at girodanos (even though my favorite is gino's east -- i'm such a good friend, right?)

after pizza we went shopping and i debated between a very ugly (but very practical) pair of Sorel winter boots and a very pretty (but not at all necessary) pair of Ferragamo pumps. i'll let you guess which ones i ended up getting.

it was a pretty fantastic fall saturday, which is great because i'm collecting all the chicago-goodness i can get these days before winter comes and i'm forced into hibernation by thundersnow and snowpocalypses. afterall, Ferragamo pumps are no match for a snowpocalypse.


Courtney said...

deep dish = happiness

Meghan said...

Ahh! That first picture is my building. Nice work - it's gorgeous!

And deep dish? Le sigh.