jim's birthday dinner at The Bedford.

my husband celebrated a birthday this week, so let me tell you a few reasons why i'm glad he was born and then grew up to be my h-band:

+ unlimited and unconditional foot rubs. i wont lie, it's pretty awesome to have someone who can't be grossed when i throw my "nana feet" in his lap and yell, "FOOT RUB PLEASE!"

+ he takes out the trash/recycling/dog.

+ live-in bug killer.

+ he lets me win every fight. (he says it's because it makes things easier for him in the end, but i know it's because I AM ALWAYS RIGHT.)

+ he lets me pick the restaurants we go to, even when it's his b-day.

for this particular b-day dinner, we hit up The Bedford. in my humble opinion, it was nom-worthy. now i'm no food critic, but any place that serves frites with bĂ©arnaise as an appetizer and plays Beastie Boys and Soul Asylum gets five stars from me. 

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Meghan said...

Ahh! I've been dying to hit up The Bedford! It looks pretty amazeballs. Happy Birthday to your hubs!