functional footwear

Functional Footwear

The North Face af1 shoes, $110
UGG Australia waterproof shoes, $220
Hunter waterproof wellington boots, $125
Sorel knee high lace up boots, $200
Sorel waterproof shoes, $140
UGG Australia zips shoes, $225
Hunter wedge heel boots, $240

it snowed in chicago today -- just a teeny bit and only for a few minutes. i saw it outside my office window and thought fa la la la la la la la laaaaa. then i thought, okay time to buy some Sorels before they totally sell out everywhere like they did last year!

chicago's a big city and i do a lot of walking every day. nothing bums me out quite like wet/slushy/frozen toes, so here's my list of windy city must haves (not that anyone asked?):

i like them in the classic forest green color, but whatever rocks your boat. these bad boys are just what you need for rainy fall days. they're not very warm though, so i don't recommend them for temps under 40 -- even with the cute wooly tall socks.

good for dry, fluffy snow days. (bad for slushy, wet snow days). i am partial to the minis.

Sorels (or North Face or any other boot that looks like it was made to be worn on the tundra)
sort of fug? yes. but they keep your pigs warm in up to -25 degree temps so who cares. (not this girl.)

on chicago's coldest days i put on a pair of Sorels and a big ole puffy coat and BOY OH BOY AM I UGLY. but i am also warm. :)

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Kit said...

I love those hunter boots!!!!