a day at the races.

the hubs and i recently spent a day at the races which was fun and much less dumpy/sad than i originally thought it would be. 

i'm not sure why, but i kept picturing the Arlington Race Track to be a seedy little OTB with old, dirty men betting money they don't have on depressed-looking ponies. happily, the race track was clean and sort of...family friendly? who knew!*

also? it was a great excuse to wear polka dots and pearls and drink mimosas in a shmancy suite on a sunday.

(have you ever seen anyone sporting pearls, polka dots AND a half grown-out mullet? now you have.)

*please note: i'm going to maintain an ANTI horse racing point of view until a horse opens his/her mouth and tells me s/he likes to run around in circles while a [probably] eating-disordered man is smacking his/her behind with a stick made of leather. *shakes head, shakes head, shakes head*

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