weekend forecast

chicago weather cracks me up. 
and sunday's weather forecast has been changing daily this week...first 80 and sunny, then 70's and stormy, and now 83?!

whatever weather we get, i'm excited to spend this weekend....

+ sipping coffee with friends {we're going to the intelligentsia cafe in lincoln park -- best coffee ever!}

+ snuggling with a hubs and our very lazy bulldog

+ finishing the third book of The Hunger Games series. {finally!}

+ and maybe...possibly...if this whole 83 and sunny thing is true...going to the beach to dip my toes in the lake. 

have a happy {and sunny!} weekend!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

I'm so excited for 80 degrees!!! I'm staying away from the lake, though. It's not warm enough for me until August. LOL!