did you know that chicago is home to the largest whole foods in north america? 

it is. and it's amazing. 

jillian and i often go to "the whole" {as i like to call it} for lunch because this place has an amazing food court. 

they have a wine and cheese bar, a coffee bar, a bar serving draft beers, a 50's diner serving {humanely raised} burgers and hot dogs, a taquoria, a sushi/noodle kiosk...not to mention a gigantic salad and hot food bar, a trail mix station,  a bakery, a gelato station, a deli sammy spot, etc. 

it's basically insane. 

it's the only grocery store i've ever been to where 1) people shop for food while sipping pints of beer or glasses or wine and 2) i would voluntarily go to eat an entire meal of food and then stay for hours using the free WiFi. 

so anyway! jillian and i hit up The Whole recently for some tacos and wine. jillian had a gluten free cupcake for dessert, and i found this amazingly delicious vegan chocolate mousse tart. 


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Meghan said...

I love, love, LOVE that WF! I visit regularly and love the tacos! I can stay there for HOURS.