my current obsession: pretending i'm 13

sometimes i just have to read a good young adult novel. and i think The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins might be my favorite one yet. 

you know how Twilight's Bella Swan is a wimpy, i-need-a-dead-man-to-save-me sort of debbie downer?

{don't get me wrong, i read the whole serious and enjoyed all the books.}

well, the heroine in Hunger Games is take-charge, kick-ass girl who takes care of her family AND saves the boy (lots of times).

awesome, no?

i finished the first book in the series in mexico, and when we landed in Atlanta for a layover, i ran to the bookstore to buy the second book, Catching Fire

go read these books! i dare you not to love them!


Meghan said...

I so need to read this series - I hear nothing but amazing things!

jasmine said...

You should read the Mediator series!!! It's my favorite YA series. Very kick ass with some romance thrown in.

mic said...

thanks for the tip, @jasmine! i'll put it on my list!

@meghan - it's seriously so good. i'm excited for you because i want to go back and read these books again for the first time!