we've been back from mexico for almost two weeks now,  and i still have a wet bathing suit crumpled in a ball in my luggage. so it's not surprising that i haven't shared too many pics yet. 


people who have traveled with me know the following:

1. i hate itineraries/agendas. i like to wake up in the morning and decide what i'd like to do that day over an amazing breakfast. organized plans make me nervous.

2. i love to travel but hate to plan trips. i like it when someone else decides what hotel i/we should stay in, what neighborhoods we should visit, what activities we should [tentatively!] plan on doing...just tell me how much it costs and i'll show up.

3. i need to eat regularly throughout the day. if i go long periods of time without food, i get hangry.

so i'm a super lucky girl because not only do i have a husband who smiled and nodded when i said, "we're going to Mexico and we're going to do NOTHING while we're there!",  but i also have a co-worker who had been to Playa del Carmen many, many times and he was only too happy to plan our trip for us.

i'm lucky too that although i ate my weight in queso fundito and then proceeded to drink my way through a sea of frozen margaritas, i managed to come home with a mere 2 lbs souvenir [of chub] on my tummy!

(the cheese was worth it.)

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Jim said...

FYI for the world: Michaela's kinis, both tank and bi, have at this point been successfully washed and returned to her dresser drawer.

OK, maybe not the second part. One step at a time!