cozy corner

jim and i walked over to logan square on saturday morning to have brunch at delicious little diner called Cozy Corner

if you live in chicago and haven't been to Cozy Corner yet, then all i can say is this: run, don't walk! the food is to die for, and the people who work there are beyond nice. this place will change your life. 

the deliciousness of this place is no secret, so if you come here during peak hours, be prepared to wait for a table. but this place is worth the wait, i promise. 

but i'm not hard to please. i'll rave all day about any place that offers you a choice of toast or pancakes with your eggs. 

p.s. if you're ever given a choice between toast or pancakes, the answer is always PANCAKES. 

p.p.s. duh. 


amy said...

what's that lipstick hottie?

nikki said...

do you really look super fashiony and effortless every second of every day? love the jacket and the lips!

mic said...

@amy - the lipstick is Maybelline's Red Revival. i only wear it on weekends because i'm afraid i look like a sad clown. :(

@nikki - thanks, lady! this is my michael jackson jacket!

thobeka said...
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thobeka said...

that food looks AMAZING and you're so right, Pancakes is always the answer! :)

Meghan said...

I love Cozy Corner! When I lived in Bucktown, we ate there all of the time!

Have you been to El Cid on Milwaukee? Only like, the best tacos EVER!