saturday night :: part two

because no saturday night is complete without insane amounts of frozen dessert, my girlfriends and i made a beeline to forever yogurt when we were done with dinner on saturday night.  

here is the concoction i came up with:

peanut butter yogurt
cake batter yogurt
red velvet yogurt
chocolate/vanilla twist yogurt
nilla wafers
coco pebbles
hot fudge

somehow i forgot the mini m&ms! tragic!

if you haven't been to forever yogurt in bucktown yet...

1. my yogurt next to caroline's. i wouldn't let her eat until i snapped a pic...i'm a terrible person to go out with. 
2. jillian put a chocolate covered strawberry on her yogurt. i guess i didn't make it that far down the toppings bar b/c i didn't even know they had those. 

1 comment:

jasmine said...

they have chocolate covered strawberries as a topping??!! incroyable!