please don't hate me because i suck at life

i have a blog? oh. hmmmm. um? 

i have been busy. so busy that sometimes i don't sleep (sad face. i love sleep.) and sometimes i miss friends' birthdays and sometimes, when i have a moment to myself, i curl up in a ball and chew on my hair and rock back and forth until the little electric currents that run through my body stop throbbing. 

i kid!

sort of. 

(i try not to chew on my hair.)

in happier news…

did you know that in the middle of a seemingly well-to-do, very residential neighborhood in san francisco, there is a slide built into the side of a hill? it's just sitting there all alone, apparently open to the public, in the middle of a couple of adorable homes. and in a little pile at the base of the slide, is a collection of boxes that serve as sleds -- perfect perfection for pants. 

jim and i had a chance to try the slide in august when we were in san francisco visiting my brother and matt before a dave matthews concert. 

(good god, we're white.)

sometimes when things get stressy and the little electric currents wont let me sleep, i like to think about the slide that exists, randomly, on a windy san francisco street…because SWEET JESUS!  life should not be so serious.

{photo taken by matt. thanks, matt!}

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Meghan said...

YAY! You're back. I adore that slide pic, btw. It makes me happy too, because I think my hubs and I would have done the same thing:)