every. single. morning. i wake up and think:

no one is going to see me walking fred around the block at this hour so it's ok if i wear these pink fleece reindeer pajama pants and my mascara is smeared all over my face and my hair is standing straight up.

and you know what?

every morning i run into LOTS of people.


Meredith said...

Ha ha! I have the same problem, plus it's usually other faculty, the kids in my dorm, or parents driving their (my) students to school. When will I learn??

amy said...

um except you look adorrrrrrrable in that pic!

i do this all the time with mid-day hj walks. i'm like 'everyone's at work! who needs a bra and real pants? and clean hair?'

and then of course everyone is working from home and there's lawn guys and lots of staring-at-my-saggy-boobs.

Kimberly Julie said...

i totally bring lily out to pee in my slips and nighties. and let's be honest, i wake up in the afternoon each day. lucky for me my little yard is tucked away from parking and generally out of view of neighbors... it's whatever.

Amelia said...

I do this all the time - have had the dog for a year and STILL have not learned my lesson. Is this how formerly stylish women end up wearing mom jeans? HELP.