even though i graduated from high school ten (gulp!) years ago, fall still makes me think about shin guards and cleats and mouth guards and a crazy varsity coach who yelled at me for "eating too many french fries over the summer." 

{this picture, taken in 1999, says, i am a field hockey player but also a cheerleader!}

field hockey was sort of a rough and tumble sport so i'm not really sure why i wanted to play? and we're not just talking fall sessions either...i played for an indoor league in the winter and at camps and the Bay State Games in the summer. 

i was sort of a badass in a very i'm white, middle class, and live in new england sort of way.

i didn't totally love the game, and i often woke up with big black bruises in interesting places. one girl on our team broke her nose our senior year when she took a field hockey stick to the face. another girl lost her two front teeth when a ball popped up and smacked her in the mouth.

 i guess those attractive, custom molded mouth guards we were forced to wear were for show.

anyway, i think i was mostly in it for the candy we ate on the bus on the way home from games while singing along to mix tapes that were always an interesting compilation of The Offspring, Shania Twain, TLC, Barenaked Ladies, Eagle-Eye Cherry and The Backstreet Boys.

also, we did this super cute jump-in-the-air-and-twirl maneuver whenever we scored a goal.

also, for the co-ed naked field hockey: make a pass on the grass t-shirts.

(i had another one that said, don't let the skirt fool you...sassy!)

also? plaid was really in during the 90s.  


Meghan said...

OMG, I totally wore plaid in the 90's. And listened to music like Bush and Oasis. And thought I was super bad ass.

amy said...

"please please please. don't wear plaid."

but oh i love this pic!

fall totally reminds me of soccer, too. which -- i can't believe i played? i was probably the worst person on the team. but i did love the weird away games in clinton and night games and those cute striped socks i wore over my shinguards. oh, and mr. v. ha! MR. V.

JenRem said...

HaHa, what an adorable photo of you. We never had field football at my high school so I don't really understand the sport but it seems rather cool. Happy Fall! :)(

amware said...

I want to see the jump-in-the-air-and-twirl maneuver! That sounds like it has interpretive ballet written all over it! =)