frosting fail

i broke out my retro-inspired kitchen aid mixer (first time!) to make cupcakes on saturday morning.

it was my first time using my adorable little cupcake carrier too. {a bridal shower gift from my friend caroline v -- thanks caroline!}

the cupcakes were delish. sadly, jim and i are the only ones who know that for sure.

i was carrying my adorable little cupcake carrier around in the sun on my way to a party, and before i knew it, the frosting had melted off every single cupcake and was lying in puddles on the tray.

i was bummed.

but i figure that in this uncertain life, sometimes the frosting falls off your cupcakes. and you just have to move on.


Meredith said...

Is that a mobile dishwasher I spot under that mixer? We have one too! I thought it was the weirdest thing at first.

Love the mixer, too. Sorry about the frosting!

mic said...

it is a mobile dishwasher! our landlord hooked it up so everything's connected underneath (no need to connect hose to sink), but i still think it's weird.

Caroline said...

So next time can you walk one of those over to the ghetto for me :)