fredzinski: part II

i couldn't help posting a couple more photos of the fresdster this morning.

our poor bug has been sneezing and coughing and you don't want to know what else this morning.

and because fred is my first dog ever {and because he's 8 -- very old for a bully}, i am freakin' out up in here.

so we're off to pay a visit to an english bulldog specialist in lockport, il in a couple hours.

in the meantime, i am petting freddie and whispering, "please don't die!" in his ear.

please think nice thoughts about freddie today!


Meredith said...

Poor Freddie! I hate it when our dog gets sick. I hope he feels better soon!

amy said...

he won't die!


jasmine said...

i'm thinking good thoughts! feel better soon, freddie!

Jim said...

Freddie update: He has a minor bacterial infection but we got him some pills and he should be fine.

JenRem said...

Love him :)