Forever Yogurt

one of my besties (hi, Jillian!) has been raving about Forever Yogurt, a new self-serve, soft-serve frozen yogurt place in Wicker Park/Bucktown. she twisted my arm and pulled my hair until my scalp was bloody and i had to go and check it out for myself.

i kid.

i need no convincing when it comes to eating frozen treats.

but jillian's rave reviews were spot on! basically heaven in a cup!

i got myself a nice little helping of the non-fat cookies and cream yogurt and then topped it with iced animal crackers, mini m&ms and peanut butter cups

yes, i know that getting non-fat yogurt and then topping it with lard is pointless. and yes, i am that person who orders the supersized mcnugget meal and then orders a diet coke. let's move on!

jim got the low-fat peanut butter cup yogurt and topped it with chocolate chips and peanuts. (i tried it. it's a bitchin' combo.)

since it's all self-serve, you pay by weight. (weight of your dessert that is -- not by your weight. i wouldn't be down with that. i am still traumatized by the time my family went to the KIDS PAY WHAT YOU WEIGH DAY! at the Ground Round. i was 7. someone should have seen an eating disorder on the horizon.)

so go! go get yogurt! top it with something delicious! you'll love it!


molly YEH! said...

oooh i must go!! i love yogurt and i LOVE wickerpark!!

Celeste said...

frozen yogurt is so delicious! i love it with fruity pebbles sprinkled on top :)