pretty much what most of my life looks like

and i totally love it.

freddie is getting a spa bath tomorrow when we go to a meet-up for english bulldogs! a lot of the people from the Chicago English Bulldog Rescue will be there so freddie will have a chance to catch up with them while de-funk-ifying.

i love freddie, i do. BUT OH MY GOD DOES HE SMELL.

i'm sort of afraid of being that house that smells like a dog.

i'm terrified of becoming so used to the smell that i don't notice it anymore and then people are like, "oh god, their house smells like a dog and they don't even know it!"

you should see the amount of Febreze under my sink right now.

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Courtney said...

I get nervous of that too. Every time my mom comes over, I ask her if our house stinks like dog and she says, "No it smells cozy...sort of like people have been cooking onions and other veggies." I don't know what's worse, dog or onions.

PS: I love the tufted sofa!