he's here!

our first day together was exciting!

we took a walk, ate some dinner, and then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

right now my little bug is curled up in his crate, and i think he's afraid to come out.

changes are hard. :(


Kimberly Julie said...

what a sweet baby boy you have!! congratulations!!

JenRem said...

Oh my golly oh my gosh! He is so cute. I love him already. More photos please :)

amy said...

can't believe you haz pups now!

v jealous.

pretty sure i can't handle one until harper is like 25.

take lots of pics!!

Tammy Blythe Goodman said...

Congratulations, Michaela! adopting my dog was the best thing that i ever did! she brought so much joy and love into our household, we could barely stand it! :-) enjoy!